My Services

My approach is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

On Demand service model targeting organizations that need specific expertise and advise on a ad hoc, reoccurring and/or interim basis to assist with specific business challenges, brainstorming, guidance, reporting and operational efficiency. You gain access to senior executive and financial expertise to fill knowledge gaps or to cover situational needs for improved business performance. Consultant may work remotely and/or on-site based on needs.

Not For Profit Leadership

Leadership, support, coaching and mentorship

On Demand Service

Targeting specific business needs on a project basis and/or on a ad hoc needs assessment and ongoing basis.

Board Consulting (Corporate Governance/Strategy)

Interim assignments, executive oversight.
Independent Consultancy / Advisory Services:
  1. Financial and Operational Systems Review:
    To work with your staff and management to identify, implement and enhance financial procedures and informational systems as required. I will ensure that your business operates at a higher level of efficiency and reporting in producing timely and accurate financial statements and management reports you require to make better informed business decisions.
  2. Business Process Review:
    Review business processes providing gap analysis and recommendations for enhanced internal controls, organizational opportunities, oversight and governance.
  3. Expense Reduction Strategies:
    Will work with your team to pinpoint areas where efficiencies can be realized to reduce expenditures, enhance bottom line performance and ensure alignment with strategic priorities. This may include the identification of wasteful and redundant practices and include recommendations for new practices, procedures and technology that can achieve cost savings.
  4. Financial Modeling:
    Will work with your team to provide independent insight of important financial aspects of your business and in particular cash management. The impact of financial modeling ensures your businesses working capital is being effectively managed.
  5. Board and Corporate Governance Renewal:
    Will provide organizational-wide corporate policy gap analysis and recommendation for improved governance and best practices considerations; and other board specific special assignments as may be appropriate.
  6. Strategic Planning:
    To assist in the creation and update of your strategic plan that involves a comprehensive review of present operations in pursuit of long-term objectives and risk mitigation.
  7. Business Performance Measurement:
    To identify your key business indicators and assess current metrics to develop or adjust strategy for their effectiveness in the monitoring business performance.
  8. Annual Business Plans:
    To work with your team to develop/evolve the annual execution plan ensuring full alignment with Strategic Plan, key operating objectives, measures and continuous monitoring for success. Tactical strategies for financial and administrative management and transitional implementation steps to advance to future state from current state.
  9. Resource Management Plans:
    As an extension of the Strategic and Annual Business Plan assess, develop and ensure current resource allocations plans are strategically aligned with tactical implementation action plans including people plan and labour strategies.
  10. Risk Management Plans:
    To work with your team to identify risks, mitigation plans in consideration of strategic objectives, risk tolerances and risk appetite.
  11. Interim CFO and Executive Oversight Assignments:
    In periods of crisis or interim vacancies, provide for the required interim executive oversight in areas of financial, corporate and administrative services. I have the demonstrated breadth of business understanding, board and actual crisis experience required.
  12. Other Services:
    Adept in business model development, forecasting, financial management and reporting, budgetary, governance, banking and other stakeholder relations. Significant experience in areas of financial and corporate compliance requirements, procurement and project management.

Flexible Fees For Service

Fees will be based upon creating lasting value. Base-line services billed hourly; monthly retainer arrangements will be considered for reoccurring and ongoing support. Project proposals will be based upon the scope of service offering and agreed upon deliverables.


  • Jim Hornell

    Chief Executive Officer
    eHealth Saskatchewan
    (April 2019)
    Derrick is highly competent, very responsive and utilized his significant experiences and training to provide top shelf professional insight and support throughout an interim engagement. His commitment and support was excellent.

    Larry Hiles

    TEC Canada, Regina Chapter
    (April 2020)
    Derrick is a seasoned professional with a broad knowledge and experience on what makes a business work; and is an excellent resource whether your organization needs a tune up or an overhaul.