CFO Services

Working closely with you and your team to develop your business plans and timelines for implementation.

Part-time and/or project CFO Services:
  • Gain a full understanding of the business and its operation
  • Work through the existing strategic plan with you and make the necessary changes to build plans which clarify how the company objectives can realistically be achieved
  • Agree on milestones and break down plans into annual and quarterly targets
  • Conduct a fresh SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis, bringing the plan up to date
  • Conduct PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) analysis, bringing the plan up to date
  • Carry out competitor analysis to understand what is and isn’t working in the market
  • Explore opportunities for effective market research to enable innovation and development of new products/channels to market/operating procedures
  • Identify key business players
  • Identify skill gaps in the business
  • Agree financial incentive structures to retain and motivate key members of the team
  • Identify five key metrics for determining what the future course of the business should look like
  • Develop clear, coherent message (vision/mission/purpose) to staff and to customers
  • Work with senior team to ensure individual department goals are aligned with the big picture strategy
  • Agree on who/what/when set of objectives for all department heads
  • Implement accountability protocol for every staff member
  • Determine methodology which allows the senior team to course correct periodically when a change in strategy is required
  • Agree on delegation of authority to department heads to spread responsibility across the business and free up CEO/business owners time
  • Create a feedback route so that strategic goas are regularly shared with staff
  • Develop a set of relevant KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and a system which allows for regular (daily/weekly/monthly/ annual) monitoring and reporting
  • Possess strategic, business and governance skills that are highly transferable, current and relevant to most business settings;
  • Extensive executive experience in CFO capacity

Flexible Fees For Service

Fees will be based upon creating lasting value. Base-line services billed hourly; monthly retainer arrangements will be considered for reoccurring and ongoing support. Project proposals will be based upon the scope of service offering and agreed upon deliverables.


  • Jim Hornell

    Chief Executive Officer
    eHealth Saskatchewan
    (April 2019)
    Derrick is highly competent, very responsive and utilized his significant experiences and training to provide top shelf professional insight and support throughout an interim engagement. His commitment and support was excellent.

    Larry Hiles

    TEC Canada, Regina Chapter
    (April 2020)
    Derrick is a seasoned professional with a broad knowledge and experience on what makes a business work; and is an excellent resource whether your organization needs a tune up or an overhaul.